1 XMR = 40 BTC (Archive)


For those of you not familiar, aminorex is one of the more highly respected posters over on bitcointalk.org. He is and has been extremely bullish on Monero since before the latest price explosion as he believes a new wave of DNMs will catapult Monero into the heavens:

“Those comments are predicated on the notion that all crypto are created equal endowed by their creator with certain natural rights which are common to all but this is not true. In fact all crypto are created very unequal, some endowed with marvelous potential which has yet to be realized, others with Ponzi fatal flaws, many of which have already fallen by the wayside. Monero will not fall by the wayside, because of the capabilities of its community of developers and supporters. Even when a serious flaw in Monero has appeared in the past it is always been dealt with in a disciplined and orderly manner, allowing Monero to overcome hazards which would have rapidly strangled any lesser coin in its crib.

Today 40 XMR make 1 BTC, but when the economic potential of Monero is fully realized 40 BTC may make 1 XMR. “People” may not care about privacy, although they are fools if so, but they do care about fungibility, whether they know it or not. They also care about extortion, taxation, theft, embezzlement, and kidnapping. Monero protects you against these things while Bitcoin does not.

If I were to produce a physical Bitcoin today the obverse would bear a vivid image of Cazes hanging by his neck in a Bangkok jail cell. So, yes, I am expecting 200 to 300 this year simply on the basis of speculation discounting future fundamentals, and 1000 sometime next year on the basis of the emergence of a new functioning darknet economy, and furthermore expect fomo to rapidly push that up to 2500 before that bubble pops.”

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=753252.msg21348513#msg21348513

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